About bMuse

We are at a crossroads in the history of media. The first stage of the migration of media to the digital realm is all but complete. The next phase will involve the evolution of the industry from creating files to recognizing that its future is in the creation of immersive experiences. There is no longevity in an industry who's output could be summed up as digital files. It's time for a re-imagining of what the industry produces. It's an amazing time...

At bMuse we aspire to be the muse that will inspire our teams and partners to reach for the future of the media industry.

Technological innovations and changes in consumer demand are causing a tectonic shift in the media landscape. The arrival of tablets as a primary media consumption platform, the proliferation of smart phones, the rise of social networks and new forms of distribution that breed new business models present a unique opportunity for media companies to go beyond their traditional foundations.

The key to longevity for the media industry is a realization that the very essence of the products we create is to evolve or get re-imagined. At bMuse we are on a quest to do just that. To revisit every pillar of the media industry and see how it can be moved forward away from products as files into an age of engagement and experience.

bMuse is an innovation platform that creates and supports companies focused primarily on the exciting and lucrative future of the media industry. bMuse supports it's companies with a multi-disciplinary shared platform offering both technology IP and management support. We help our companies grow faster by providing them with the capital, engineering, design, marketing and business development resources they need, when they need them. bMuse companies benefit from access to common technology platforms that remove the need for each company to "start from scratch". This model helps accelerate iteration and fuel a "what" vs. "how" product centric culture.

bMuse partners with the worlds media leaders to reshape the future of the industry.

bMuse Headquartered in New York, currently has operation in 4 locations across 3 continents and 4 timezones. We literally work around the clock.

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New York, NY 10014
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