Our Companies

Video Reimagine Video

We were born into a world where video is bound by a rectangular screen and is a passive medium. All of this is about to radically change. The medium of video and the web are on a collision course that will result in a fusion of languages. The rectangular screen as the core canvas metaphor is about to be shattered.

  • 3D360
    3D360 /3D360 is a company built to solve the unprecedented challenge of capturing 360 video in 3D. With the emerging category of proper heads up displays this technology is ripe to redefine the notion of video capture and media by putting consumers of it literally AT the location the footage is shot. Viewer look around and experience the world in 3D 360 achieving the closest we have gotten to teleportation technology
  • touchavision
    Touchcast /Touchcast represents the next evolutionary stage of the web as an entertainment, education and communications medium. It has delivered on the Holy Grail quest for the fusion of the language and technology stack of video and that of the technologies developed for the web. Touchcast's IP is a combination of hardware and software allowing for a new form of low cost yet highly relevant form of content that will radically redefine the notion of how many categories of content are produced and delivered.
  • l3n5
    L3N5 /In stealth mode

Games Reimagine Games

The gaming category has been disrupted as the power and proliferation of high power mobile devices has accelerated. These new forms of mobile computing open the door to new forms of gaming. A frontier that is only beginning to be explored.

  • vertigore
    Vertigore /Vertigore is a trail blazing game studio that has pioneered the realm of immersive mobile gaming. Working with partners such as Lucas, THQ and Hasbro to deliver ground breaking titles to iOs and Android Devices. Recent credits include developing the first Star Wars Augmented Reality game and shipping the first mobile 3D 360 games with Hasbro for their My3D Product.
  • Bblworld
    Bblworld /bblWorld is a social game platform that is predicated on the principles of facebook social game platforms with the added ingredient of a massively scalable real time multi player layer and the wonderful world of characters of the Bubbleloobas.
  • iGeneration
    iGeneration /iGeneration develops, tests and designs cutting edge educational applications based on leading academic and field research from the schools of cognitive psychology and elementary education using innovative enabling technologies to create interactive and immersive learning experiences. One of the first iPad and iPhone applications to be launched by iGeneration is MathGlow. Research showed that children who used the MathGlow application on the iPad improved their early math skills.

Music Reimagine Music

The tsunami of the digital revolution broke first on the shores of the music industry. While the demand for music has never been greater there is an urgent need to re imagine the basic products and SKU's of the industry.

  • williapps
    will.i.apps /williapps was established to explore how creativity can be amplified when one applies the emerging technologies and opportunities afforded by the app revolution. Allowing us to redefine the basic premise of how one creates and distributes entertainment.
  • talentmania
    Talentmania /On the intersection of iPhone games, Facebook, American Idol and Rock band is a new form of music gaming experience that combines the best of all these worlds. TalentMania is a platform to monetize music through play. It is a cross platform play that works on both iOs, Android and in browser on computers living in facebook. TalentMania also has a TV show and toy extensions in development. TalentMania currently has relationships with all of the major record labels and publishers.

Social Web Reimagine Social Web

The web as a medium is going through rapid evolution. As bandwidth continues to grow user habits change. Video consumption continues to rise and the lines are blurred with the internet emerging as the one distribution medium to rule them all. Facebook, twitter, skype all show us how quickly things can change in the global balance of how people connect. The potency of the internet as the connecting tissue of humanity is of critical importance to the future of the media industry.

  • iwise
    iWise /iWise is the worlds first emotional search engine. Managing to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of creating a humanistic search technology that understands themes as core to human existence as love and friendship. iWise is poised to open the door to a new breed of search technologies that derive context of the human condition inside the bounds of transacting online.
    Whisper /Pictures are the way we remember our childhood, they are the way we share our most precious moments, they have been for a century, the medium has evolved most recently it has gone digital. But the digital age is a double edged sword, today we take and share more images then ever before and as a consequence organizing sharing and saving these memories has increasingly becoming a real chore, the unbearable ease of taking huge quantities of images has its price. with the peril of loosing precious memories. It doesn't have to be this way.

Social Web Reimagine Publishing

The publishing industry is in a stage of rapid evolution. The migration to a purely digital distribution paradigm is accelerating. There is an opportunity to re imagine not only how books are consumed but also how they are marketed and distributed in the digital age.

  • convertabook
    Convertabook /ConvertABook sits at the cross roads of the entire publishing industry moving from print to digital. As a provider of best of breed services for book conversion to mobile book readers of all types. ConvertABook also extends services to promote more conversions of users into paying customers by deploying a promotional platform in the form of iOs and Android Author apps and facebook applications that work in concert to promote books and create conversion to sales.
  • holopad
    Holopad /Holopad aims to take the world of publishing into the 3rd dimension. By facilitating a process by which imagery found in current publication that was originally shot in 2D becomes an interactive 3D experience allowing consumers to literally move INTO the picture. This delivers on the end result of taking static content and magically transforming them into the "harry potter newspaper".
  • paragraph
    Paragraph /Paragraph is a new literary digital magazine curating the world's best short stories. Our goal is to do to the short story what iTunes did to singles - provide people with a great way to enjoy quality, bite-sized experiences, discovering not only great stories, but great writers.