bMuse Platform


The set of competencies available to bMuse companies extends beyond software creation. Taking a holistic approach to reimagining the media product requires that we engage in invention on all fronts from new forms of cameras through software to consumption devices. Companies are allowed to rapidly iterate on their product and service while retaining agility to adapt as their ideas develop. The result is a unique ability to experiment, innovate and move from idea to disruptive products and services at lightening speeds.


bMuse provides a full range of resources to infuse its in-residence companies with the support they need to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Resources include

  • Capital
  • Management expertise
  • Technology and development
  • Branding and strategy
  • Product marketing and business development
  • Financial, legal and accounting advisory
  • Human resources and logistical support services.
Time to Market:

The function of time cannot be underestimated in a world of constantly accelerating innovation. bMuse leverages an extensive proprietary IP platform that has been developed over years of intensive R&D, which enables the rapid birthing of ideas into products in a fraction of the time compared to conventional approaches to technology innovation.