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  • Download TouchCast from Appstore

    5 Starby Race the reaper

    This app is full of all the tools you need to produce, edit, present and record your own web cast. The developers have produced an easy accessible interface with high stability and utility built in. It’s the only app I have ever used that I will be telling all my friends about. In short, it’s an incredible app beautifully executed.

    OK, now it’s the future.

    5 Starby dvdan

    This is the first platform which gets online video right. It fully embraces the potential of the intersection of television and web, and instantly renders everything which came before it obsolete.

    Simply Amazing

    5 Starby MyApplePodcast

    As soon as I opened this app, I was hooked. The web at your finger tips.

    Instant fan

    5 Starby Beccnort

    I just started using Touchcast and immediately see how far I can take this app! So many amazing features and possibilities for business, social media, education, etc. I am recommending this to everyone.

    Awesome app

    5 Starby yindaa

    Had the opportunity to see it in action before. It’s awesome. No other word for it. It’s the first step toward what you’d see in the movie Minority Report. A totally new way to interact with video and totally truly multimedia. Awesome.

    This is what the iPad was made for...

    5 Starby Bobby

    This is one cool way to tell stories, but for me, an even better way to teach.

    Amazing app for education

    5 Starby Loutti

    Touchcast is an amazing app for the educational community. It will allow teachers and students the ability to create content like never before, in an easy to use app. BRAVO!!!


    5 Starby jedipadmaster

    This is what screencasting has been missing!!!! I can’t wait to import a video as a Vapp. Totally essential tool for a flipped classroom!!!!

    Fantastic Potential!

    5 Starby IamRichie!

    So many possibilities. Let your imagination be your guide!

    Amazing & Cool

    4 Starby CreativeSoulTV

    I just found this app and haven’t really played around with it yet but from what I have seen so far is mind blowing. In a future update I would like to see the ability to use videos from my camera roll. Having a whiteboard is very cool but the app needs more drawing tools, like pencil, chalk, marker, etc. with different sizes and papers to draw on.
    Keep up the great work & I will be telling my friends about TouchCast for sure.

  • Download  Star Wars from Appstore
    Star Wars Falcon Gunner
    Sooo Cool

    5 Starby Johlorax

    Perfect game to showcase how fun AR can be! Recommend playinAR mode seated in a swivel chair - I've been spinning around in my office blasting tie fighters all morning! Freakin' sweet!Just amazing

    Just amazing

    5 Starby theFlyMolo

    Very simple but it's just sooo fun! The framerate is smooth and the controls are very responsive. Unlike other turret games, you do get the feel that the platform (falcon) is moving and you actually find yourself leading your targets.
    Now for augmented reality mode. Brilliant! For extra kicks, play this mode while in a swiveling office chair. Just be sure to have ample room for those urgent 180* spins.Love it!

    Love it

    5 Starby Jonathan Hirshon

    AR+Dark Side minions=AWESOME

  • Download BEP360 from Appstore
    Black Eyed Peas 360
    Absolutely Amazing!!!!

    5 Starby Jonathan Seguro

    By far one of the coolest apps for iPhone ever. Never before have you been able to tie in reality with technology like this. This is hand down next level entertainment at it's best. Wow!AMAZING!


    5 Starby Dcnhedbueaxnk

    Definitely worth money. This app is freaking amazing. I feel like I'm in the center of the party. It's amazing and it never gets tiring.OGM!!


    5 Starby Silver Murilo

    This app is at least a thousand stars! I loved the "video"! It's a new kind of video, you can interact with it, it's just perfect. BEP revolutionized the way we watch a video.
    This is totally mind blowing, I'm really impressed with the application. The 360 vide is awesome and all the other features in the app are great too!

  • Download  iWise from Appstore
    make wisdom one of your daily vitamin

    5 Starby gonzo512

    when i use iwise, and i use it frequently, i focus on the content, and the content this app dishes out is phenomenal. we have forgotten so much of what this app strives to teach. and it does so in a highly intuitive way; it prompts us to learn from others. for it is not the app that teaches, but the larger than life people who appear in the app who impart their knowledge to us. we have forgotten so many of these brilliant minds who brought us revelation after revelation. iwise pays tribute to their souls, and helps to keep their spirits alive because by using iwise, we each come to understand the wisdom that they bring to the world.My favorite app

    My favourite app

    5 Starby Poffey

    It's what I call "portable wisdom." life changing words in 10 seconds or less!


    5 Starby mrinteractive

    This is the best app in appstore(& I have thousands).I deleted all my other quote apps and this-day-in-history apps as well.The inerface is great and there are no ads.I wish i could give 10 stars!

Selected Publications


What You Missed At July’s Big Screen Little Screen NY Meetup

Originally Posted on VideoInk by Sahil Patel

Last night, Big Screen Little Screen held its monthly showcase of interesting web video creators and innovators in NY. Hosted by Paul Kontonis and Magnet Media in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the July BSLS event was called "July Hot Stuff" More

Black Eyed Peas 360

The First 3D 360-Degree Music Video Arrives

Originally Posted on Hypebot by Kyle Bylin

In 2010, we saw several highly innovative and interesting music videos debut. Some of these were worth writing about due to the sheer amount of work and timing that went into their production. Others enabled fans to choose their own adventure in the video and end it as they wished. In my opinion, this new music video by the Black Eyed Peas beats all of those. More

Black Eyed Peas hits your iPhone with BEP360, an augmented reality app

Originally Posted on intomobile by MARC FLORES

Are you a huge Black Eyed Peas fan? Do you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch 4th gen? Love augmented reality? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions and you're willing to fork over $2.99, you should check out the BEP360 app. Like the name suggests, the app gives you a 360-degree view of the Black Eyed Peas' world with an augmented reality experience. More

The Black Eyed Peas Brings 360 Photography Technology to Music A.K.A BEP360

Originally Posted on 3sixty

The Black Eyed Peas started bringing music into our ears way back 1995 with band members:, Fergie, Taboo, and However, they hit it big in the industry 8 years after with their album, "Elephunk", featuring songs like "Where Is The Love?" and "Shut Up". Over the years we have heard them doing better and better in their craft and knowing how techie geek this band (supporting 360 photography technology) can get gives us more reason to love them so the more. More

This Week's Must-Have iOS Apps: BEP360, Task Eater, Essay & More!

Originally Posted on cult of mac by Killian Bell

This week's must-have iOS apps features the impressive new BEP360 application from the Black Eyed Peas, which boasts the first jaw-dropping '3D360′ mobile music video, as well as access to each band member's Twitter feed, an addictive little mini-game, and more. More

Star Wars Falcon Gunner

Falcon Gunner, Star Wars augmented reality game for iPhone

Originally Posted on tuaw by Dave Caolo

Falcon Gunner (US$4.99) is a Star Wars-themed, augmented reality game for iPhone that superimposes battle scenes over live video of your surroundings. You say people give you grief for staring at your iPhone too much as it is? Now you can annoy them with the power of The Force. More

THQ Announces 'Star Wars: Falcon Gunner' Augmented Reality Shooter

Originally Posted on Touch Arcade by Jared Nelson

Developer THQ Wireless is flexing their Star Wars license once again with the announcement of Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner. THQ has brought a number of Star Wars licensed games to the App Store, including Star Wars: Battle for Hoth [$2.99/Lite] and Star Wars: Trench Run [$2.99]. This newly announced Falcon Gunner game takes a slightly different approach, unsurprisingly placing you in the gunner's seat on the Millenium Falcon and having you blast away at enemies in an augmented reality style overlay. More

Street Fighter IV, Star Wars Falcon Gunner top Fresh iPhone Games of the Week

Originally Posted on appolicious by Phil Hornshaw

I've been excited about this game since I heard about it a few weeks ago. Falcon Gunner lets you recreate the classic Star Wars: A New Hope scene in which Luke and Han climb into the gunner seats of the Millennium Falcon and take on a squadron of TIE fighters. But instead of being a straight turret shooter, this app uses your iPhone's camera and augmented reality to add attacking TIE fighters to the world around you. More

Star Wars: Falcon Gunner makes point five past lightspeed

Originally Posted on Macworld by Dan Moren

As Macworld's resident Star Wars-ologist—I was this close to my Ph.D. at the University of Alderaan—it falls to me to check out every new iOS game that takes place in a galaxy far, far away. I've run the Death Star trench and defended the Rebel base on Hoth, and now I've taken a seat in the gun turret of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy: the Millennium Falcon. More

Star Wars: Falcon Gunner augmented reality shooter live on App Store

Originally Posted on Treehugger

It's no exaggeration to say that our mission at Vertigore Games – building experiences and proprietary technology that blur the lines between fantasy and reality – has been sparked in large part by our lifelong fascination with the Star Wars universe ... With the release of Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner. More

Hands on Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner

Originally Posted on CNet by Rick Broida

A couple weeks ago, I showed you a sneak preview of one of the most surprising iPhone games ever, Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, which combines seemingly traditional space combat with augmented reality (AR) for a decidedly unique "Star Wars" experience. More

Hasbro my3D

The Hasbro my3D is pretty cool, it's like an interactive View-Master!

Originally Posted on Gary Said by Gary

I saw the Hasbro my3D at the store yesterday and just had to have it. It makes for an interesting interactive 3D experience. You need an iPhone or iPod Touch to use it and I think it works better with the newer ones that have the gyroscope built-in. But there are a half-dozen my3D apps you can get from the Apple App store for free and a few you can pay for; as of today five my3D apps are free and one is 99 cents and another is $4.99 (both have free "lite" versions). A few months ago, they were giving all the games away for free, so I grabbed them while they were free(!) More


iWise - Wisdom on Demand

Originally Posted on pcworld

iWise is hands down the most gorgeous and technologically advanced quotes and quote of the day related application in the app store. We absolutely guarantee that if you check out your daily dose of wisdom and history, delivered by the app, that you life will be enriched and your intellect stimulated. Nothing beats actually hearing the quote to get its essence. iWise deploys cutting edge text to speech technology (similar to that found in Amazon's new Kindle) to render over 100, 000 quotes into an interactive, searchable audio book for you. iWise also includes a "This day in History" feature. More

Immersive Media

Immersive Media Maps Streaming's Future

Originally Posted on Streaming Media by Tim Siglin

Technology players like Immersive Media are integrating streaming content into practical, everyday-use online products such as Google Maps' new street-level views.At the National Association of Broadcasters' show in Las Vegas earlier this year, during my last-day random wandering of the show floor, I came across an intriguing company called Immersive Media. The company, founded by a Hollywood special effects technical director with technology that was as an outgrowth of his film effects work, was intriguing for two simple reasons: First, they had a technology that streamed immersive and 360-degree videos, such as sample videos that were shown of the Las Vegas Strip in which the viewer could choose to watch in any direction at any time. Second, the company wasn't necessarily as interested in selling its technology as it was in licensing content it had captured across the U.S., Canada and the UK. More

Next-gen video technology lets you look around - inside a movie

Originally Posted on Gizmag by Loz Blain

Now that 3D is finally taking off again at the movie theatre - thanks in large part to James Cameron's evangelism in the leadup to his groundbreaking Avatar film, it's clear that immersive video technologies are big business again. And if the latest 3D stuff doesn't put you in the picture enough, how's this: Immersive Media has adapted the same 360-degree cameras used by Google's Street View cars to shoot video. That means you can actually look around as you watch the video... Which can feel absolutely bizarre, as in the case of the BASE jumping video after the jump. Extraordinary. More

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