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Designed exclusively for Hasbro's my3D viewer for IOS,my3D Sector 17

Designed exclusively for Hasbro's my3D viewer for iOS, my3D Sector 17 thrusts players into a future in which space travel has become as common as highway driving, and where control over interstellar trade routes matters more than anything.  Players are GTO peacekeepers: members of an elite group set up to keep the peace among warring corporations and lawless mercenaries-for-hire.

Sector17 Hasbro Hasbro

In this 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D title built atop the Vertigore Immersion Engine, a decades-in-the-making promise of mass market virtual reality finally comes to fruition.  Players don the my3D viewer and twist and turn their bodies to navigate fully immersive, 3D menus and hyper-active, multi-axis space battles.

Sector 17 Hasbro