Idris Elba hosts Story of Now interactive documentary on life the universe and everything in between

Originally published by RadioTimes

If anyone can explain the mysteries of time, space, faith and the human condition, it’s Idris Elba. Good news enlightenment seekers, the actor is the host of a new compendious online film from the BBC.

Elba fronts Story of Now, a 20-part interactive documentary on BBC Taster, the corporation’s recently launched experimental online laboratory. The range of subjects covered is vast: from agriculture to art and consciousness. It even touches on belief in gods (not the comic book kind) and the ambitious category of ‘Everything’.

Yes, everything. Why is the sky blue? Is time travel possible? Idris Elba knows.

Along with experts and academics in the various fields, the documentary uses video, games and interactive widgets to engage the audience. It’s part of the BBC’s plans to create new experiences combining archive content, technology and Idris Elba in a suit.

You can experience your own Elb-piphany at the BBC Taster website, along with other innovations from the likes of Chris Packham and Strax the Sontaran.

Edo Segal