Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is a start-up that has produced such blockbuster apps as ElfYourself, with over 20,000,000 downloads.  Our apps are powered by core technologies and breakthroughs in voice detection, facial recognition, and animation that bring the fictional world into the real one, in ways only previously imagined.


Proven Success

  • ElfYourself and Dance with Friend substantiate demand for Magic Mirror product

  • ElfYourself over 20,000,000 downloads

  • The app achieved the Number 1 spot in Entertainment in the AppStore for over three weeks and was the Number 2 Overall App just behind Google Maps

  • Distimo, the leading authority on app sales and performance, named magic mirror as the number two new app developer globally

Magic Mirror Junior

  • Irrespective of new platforms, children’s books and story telling has not changed over time

  • Magic Mirror Junior provides unique ways to experience stories and characters in ways that leverage the full features, processing power and ability of tablets and mobile devices

  • With Magic Mirror technology, readers will be able to cast their entire family to play parts in the stories, with full costumes, make-up and all the elements needed to put on a show

  • These experiences can develop values and literacy as well as strengthening the bond between parents and their Children


With two divisions, Magic Mirror and Magic Mirror Junior, our focus is to deliver across audiences in the areas of entertainment and edutainment.


Valentine Yourself

The Magic extends far beyond childhood years, as proven with ElfYourself. These core technologies provide the ability to entertain children of all ages with apps like Dancing with Friends. These products have no equal in the market, as demonstrated by their performance over Christmas. We are committed to applying the lessons we have learned and advancements made to products for all audiences.