Paragraph Publisher is a Tool that will help the Publishing Industry Stay Relevant and Adapt to New Customer Behaviors

  • Print publishers currently have long production cycles that limit their ability to deliver value to its best selling authors and to build direct relationships with its customers

  • Paragraph Publisher makes it easy to produce beautiful publications viewable on any device with lower overhead and faster time to market

Proven Success

  • Food Network Chef Giada De Laurentiis was able to launch her own lifestyle magazine on Paragraph’s platform
  • On launch the magazine became the #2 newsstand app (after the WSJ)
  • The publication is released weekly, and enables the publication to further engage readers and thereby charge advertisers a premium

Paragraph Platform

We help brands create and curate beautiful magazines that are easy to produce and powerful to experience on any device.

Paragraph Productions

From simple ebook conversions to immersive interactive experiences, Paragraph helps bring your stories to life.

Paragraph Shorts

If you like short stories – you’ll love Paragraph Shorts – curating the world’s best short stories in audio, video and text.