VAST’s Mission is to Re-imagine the Fan Club Experience for a Digital, Mobile First World

Vast Value Proposition

  • VAST connects artists directly to fans via exclusive HD content, and unique personal engagement experience
  • A mobile-first media platform, VAST is comprised of beautiful channels that aggregate artist’s content from across the web into a single hub
  • This is augmented and enhanced by a premium, subscription-based experience containing exclusive artist content, rewards and more

Market Need

  • Social media is essential for artists but monetization of such content is negligible
  • No central hub exists for artists to aggregate media channels and directly distribute exclusive content to fans
  • Deep fan engagement is difficult in social as artists lack a direct relationship and deep insights on their top fans

VAST Aims to Deliver a HD, Exclusive Content Experience that Transforms “Already Acquired” Artists’ Social Media Fans into Paying Subscribers


Value to Fans

  •  A beautiful, holistic HD media consumption experience accessible everywhere.
  • Deeper connection to their favorite artists via content exclusive to VAST.
  • Access to exclusive tickets, VIP experiences, and merchandise not available elsewhere.

Value to Artists

  • An HD central hub where all their content lives
  • Advanced CMS that enables publishing of premium content to paying fans
  • Tools that amplify the fan relationship and facilitate direct commerce and CRM tools